Venues and Ticketing

Eight cities were selected by UEFA as venues. In a return to the format used in Euro 1992, Euro 1996 and Euro 2008, each of the four groups of matches were played in two stages. Host cities Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Poznan, Kiev and Lviv are all the most popular tourist destinations, unlike Donetsk and Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk the latter will replace it as host in 2009.

To meet UEFA’s requirements for improving football infrastructure, five new stadiums were built and opened before the tournament. The remaining three stages (in Kiev, Kharkov and Poznan) have been subject to extensive renovation in order to comply with the UEFA infrastructure standards. Three stages are stages of announcements of the highest category of the UEFA. The transport infrastructure in Poland and Ukraine were also profoundly modified at the request of UEFA to cope with the massive arrival of football fans.

UEFA has organized amateur areas in the eight host cities. They were located in the center of each city, with 31 live matches displayed on a total of 24 giant screens. The zones have allowed the fans to meet in a safe and controlled environment. The fan area in Warsaw occupied 120,000 square meters and welcomed 100,000 visitors. In total, fans of the areas experienced an increase of capacity of 20% of Euro 2008.

Entries for the sites were sold by UEFA through their website, or distributed by the 16 finalist football associations. Applications had to be made in March 2011 for the 1.4 million tickets available for the 31 matches of the tournament. It is expected that more than 20 000 people will cross the border between Poland and Ukraine every day during the tournament. More than 12 million applications were received, representing an increase of 17% over the end of 2008 and a record for the European Championship. Due to this remote registration for games, draws were made to assign the entries. Prices vary between € 30 (for a seat behind the goals during a group match) and € 600 (€ 513) for a seat in the main stand at the final. In addition to tickets for individual matches, fans can purchase packages to see if all matches played by a team or all matches in a specific location.