Qualification and final draw

The draw for qualifying for Euro 2012 was held in Warsaw on 7 February 2010. Fifty-one teams participated in fourteen remaining places in the final phase, along with co-sponsors Poland and Ukraine. The teams were divided into nine groups, with the draw by the new coefficient of the selection of the UEFA for the first time to determine the sowing. As a defender of the title, Spain is automatically selected. The qualification process began in August 2010 and ended in November 2011. At the end of the qualifying group stage in October 2011, the nine winners of each group will automatically qualify and the team second best. The remaining teams have played eight winners of the second two legs and the four play-offs qualified for the finals.
Twelve of the sixteen finalists took part in the previous tournament in 2008. The UK and Denmark have returned to the euro, which last participated in 2004, while the Republic of Ireland has returned after a twenty-four year absence to make its second appearance In a European Championship. One of the co-hosts, Ukraine, made their debut as an independent nation (before 1992 Ukraine participated as part of the Soviet Union). With the exception of Serbia – according to UEFA’s classification at the end of the qualifying round – the sixteen top-ranked European teams qualified for the tournament.
The draw for the final tournament was held on December 2, 2011 at the Palace of the Arts of Ukraine in Kiev, Ukraine. The one-hour ceremony was organized by Olha Freimut and Piotr Sobczyński, television presenters from the two host countries.
As was the case for the 2004 and 2008 finals, the sixteen finalists were divided into four rounds, using the UEFA national team coefficient ranking. Pot allocations were based on the UEFA national team ranking in sixteen finalists at the end of the qualifying round in November 2011. The coefficient of each nation was generated by calculating:
40% of the average points per game won in qualifying for Euro 2012.
40% of the average points per game won in qualifying for the 2010 FIFA World Cup ™ and finals.
20% of the average points per game won in the UEFA Euro 2008 qualifying round and the tournament final.
Out of the coefficient, three teams were automatically placed on the hype 1. Ukraine and Poland were allotted to hype 1 as the two host nations, despite their ranks were the lowest in the tournament; This also happened in 2008, when co-host Switzerland and Austria have also been ranked below all other ranked teams. As a defender of the title, Spain has also been automatically assigned to hype 1, although the UEFA classification at the time of the draw is also the best.
In the draw procedure, one set of each pot is drawn in each of the four groups. The draw also determines which place in group teams in pots take 2-4 (for example, A2, A3 or A4) to create the match calendar. With Poland automatically assigned in advance to A1 and D1 Ukraine, Bass 1 had only two teams as Spain and the Netherlands have been placed in a position in group B or C. The balls were drawn by four former players who had Ontario each Part of the winning teams of the European Championship: Horst Hrubesch, Marco van Basten, Peter Schmeichel and Zinedine Zidane.